Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Political Pugilism

The political silly season is upon us. Every day we are inundated with flyers, television commercials, and recorded phone messages, in which each candidate tells us why he (or she) is better than his (rotten) opponent. And, in every case, he promises to fight for you.

When he gets to Sacramento or Washington, D.C., who is he fighting against? His opponent is the opposite corner of the ring is a special interest group or a big corporation, to name just two. Funny thing, though, my wife and I are members of many of those special interest groups against which he is fighting: the elderly, homeowners, investors (in big corporations through our retirement funds), consumers of electricity and oil products, and so on. My local politician promises to fight for us by fighting against us.

I suspect he is fighting for himself, to advance his own career, but says what he thinks we want to hear. We’ll settle for just two things: (1) tell the truth, and (2) and don’t lobby politicians after you leave office.

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