Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Questions to Ponder at Summer’s End

As the new school year opens, and the countdown to November 2 begins in earnest, here are a few questions that could use answers. Lt. Kaffee demanded of Colonel Jessup: “I want the truth!” Or, is it the case as Jessup replied, “You can’t handle the truth”?

1. If so many Americans are racist, why do millions of people legally or illegally immigrate to the United States to become victims of racism and profiling?

2. When will “conservatives,” after election to office, act like “conservatives” and stop seeking the approval of “liberals” and the MSM?

3. Why are Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins still members of the Republican Party?

4. Does President George W. Bush regret having supported Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania’s Republican primary six years ago?

5. If Karl Rove is a Republican electoral wunderkind, why did the Republicans lose both Houses of Congress in 2006? Why does he have a weekly column in the Wall Street Journal giving political advice?

6. Do economics professors really believe that political decision makers can choose intelligently among competing algebraic and statistical proofs?

7. How does Fed chairman Ben Bernanke expect lower-income retired elderly to enjoy their remaining years with the pittance of interest they earn on savings if savings are their sole supplementary source of income to Social Security?

8. Will professors concerned about the growing inequality in the distribution of income favor ending tax deductions, or limiting them to the lowest tax bracket, for philanthropic contributions to elite universities?

9. Several formerly “conservative” foundations (Pew, Ford, MacArthur) have become “liberal” foundations. Can “liberal” foundations ever become “conservative” foundations? Any examples anyone can cite? Is transformation a one-way street?

10. Finally,...? Add a tenth from your list.

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