Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Memo to John Arrillaga

You built a fantastic football stadium for Stanford University.  You built rental homes and apartments for Stanford athletic coaches.  You’ve been Stanford’s biggest booster and benefactor for the past decade.

Football excitement is in the air, with a great head coach, Jim Harbaugh, and the best quarterback since John Elway, Andrew Luck.  But it is all at risk.

The San Francisco Forty-Niners have started the season 0-5.  Bay Area fans, with memories of Bill Walsh and Joe Montana, now covet Jim Harbaugh and Andrew Luck.  Is there anything Arrillaga can do to keep Harbaugh at Stanford, especially when the Niners are likely to offer Harbaugh a multi-million dollar contract and control of the team as Walsh enjoyed.  And the promise to do what it takes to insure that Harbaugh is able to get Luck in the draft.  Stanford’s faculty does not take kindly to coaches being paid several million dollars a year.

Still, it is great while it’s lasting.  Enjoy the rest of the season!

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Ben said...

Could not agree more. We have to do everything possible to keep Coach Harbaugh indefinitely.