Tuesday, October 26, 2010

With Luck, Harbaugh Could Take Stanford to the Rose Bowl

One more win for Stanford, one more loss for the San Francisco Forty-Niners, and both could be coming up roses.

Barring a major upset, Oregon looks to play in the BCS National Championship game. It doesn’t matter whether it plays Auburn, Boise State, TCU, Mizzou, or some other team. From Stanford’s viewpoint, if Harbaugh with a little bit of luck (Luck) can run the table, the Cardinal will be the Pac-10 representative in the Rose Bowl come January. Selection of BCS bowl series matches are explained here.

With each Forty-Niner loss, the Harbaugh option looks ever more attractive. If Intrade had a prediction market for sports, the price of Harbaugh becoming the next Forty-Niners coach would be steadily increasing.

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