Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to Keep Harbaugh at Stanford

Another dominating win for Harbaugh and Stanford, which is ranked 7 in the AP and 9 in the USA Today polls (November 7) .  A dozen or more professional football teams and major college programs could be looking for a head coach next year.  Harbaugh is probably number one on everybody’s list.

Here’s one suggestion on how Stanford can try to keep Harbaugh.  Stanford has official homes for its president, provost, athletic director, and will add more for other important officials.

There is a home for sale in the old residential part of campus listed at $5 million .  It is the largest and most expensive residence on the campus.  John Arrillaga, builder of Stanford’s new stadium, could underwrite Stanford’s purchase of the home.  Stanford could then write a long-term contract for Harbaugh which makes the house the official residence of the football coach.  Harbaugh would not have to deal with property tax and maintenance.  Stanford could gross up Harbaugh’s salary to compensate him for any tax consequences of rent-free living in a university house.  Arrillaga could also pick up that additional cost.  The Stanford faculty would be less inclined to object to this form of compensation than if the university paid him the cash value of these fringe benefits.

This might not be enough to keep him at Stanford, but it’s worth a try!

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