Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Get Ready for 2011

1.  What is the definition of “our allies?”  Our European allies?  Our Muslim allies?  What must they do and not do to qualify as U.S. allies?  Does the U.S. really have any allies?

2.  What are the differences between Al-Queda, the Taliban, Islamic extremists, and Islamic terrorists, or are they just different names for the same phenomenon?  Reports of successful drone strikes and counter-terrorism operations have not diminished the threat terrorists pose to Americans as evidenced in enhanced security screening measures at U.S. airports.  Have you noticed that fussing over airport screening that seemingly violates the Fourth Amendment has quieted down?

3.  It took nine months for Iraq to form a new government after its March 2010 election.  Was this lengthy duration a sign of its healthy democratic evolution?  Should the U.S. care about Christians being forced to leave Iraq?

4.  China will continue to make everything FBC (faster, better, cheaper) than its competitors.

5.  China’s economy will not crash in 2011.

6.  Many of our rights hang by one vote.  Judge Anthony Kennedy, or the appointment of a fifth liberal to the Supreme Court, can determine if the government has the power to impose mandates that require individuals to buy health insurance or anything else in support of some policy.

7.  Beware of RINOs (Republicans in name only) bearing compromises!

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