Tuesday, December 14, 2010

“I Am Curious (Yellow)” Redux

Sweden was at the forefront of the sexual revolution (liberation) with the 1967 film "I am Curious (Yellow)".  How ironic that Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame has been charged with rape in Sweden, apparently for failing to use a condom.  Naomi Wolf’s article, “Julian Assange Captured by World’s Dating Police” provides the details.

As a result of all the publicity it has received, Sweden sits on the edge of a potential tourism breakthrough by establishing Japanese-style love hotels.

Much as hotels advertise themselves as friendly to gays and lesbians and other target groups, Swedish hotels could advertise themselves as friendly to those seeking trysts of the heart.

Upon registration, all parties to the tryst would have to sign consent forms to their proposed activities.  The hotels would maintain a list of requirements for lawful and unlawful trysts.

Cameras would record the activities of the tryst.

Upon checkout, all parties would receive a video recording of the tryst that would stand up in court.

Sweden could be at the forefront of ending “date rape” charges, once again taking a commanding lead among the progressive countries of the world.

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