Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Will The U.S. Be Able To Compete With China? Yeah, Sure

A New York Times article of December 8, 2010 was headlined Top Test Scores From Shanghai Stun Educators.”  It is must reading for all those concerned about the future competitiveness of the U.S. and the poor achievement of our K-12 students.

On seeing the data, Chester E. Finn, Jr., who served in President Reagan’s Department of Education, commented that “...if they can do this in Shanghai in 2009, they can do it in 10 cities in 2019, and in 50 cities by 2029.”

Shanghai students were first in math, reading, and science, surpassing previously first Singapore, Korea, and Finland respectively.  The students were, admittedly, a select group of China’s brightest, but the results portend a bleak future for U.S. students who ranked 23rd or 24th in most subjects.

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