Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank You Mara Liasson of the Fox All-Stars

Representative Steve Cohen’s equating Republicans charges on health care with Goebbels, the Nazis, and the Holocaust on the floor of the House of Representatives led to a revealing comment by Mara Liasson, one of the Fox All-Stars.

Chris Wallace, subbing for Bret Baer on January 20, 2011, remarked that Rep. Cohen had walked back from his Goebbels-Nazi remarks but still charged Republicans with lying.  He asked Mara if that would get him off the hook.

She replied: “Lying in this day and age is a pretty benign accusation...”  But, going further, she stated that “invoking the Holocaust for anything other than genocide was losing the argument.”

Amazing!  Absolutely Amazing!

Washington media consider the charge of a politician lying to be BENIGN.  It’s really okay for politicians to lie.  But they had better not transgress certain sensitivities.

We all know the infamous definition of an ambassador as an honest man sent abroad and paid to lie on behalf of his country.  I have previously defined a politician, which I’ll now label as Rabushka’s Insight No. 1, as “a man or woman, honest or not, who is paid to lie to his own country.”

Where have media pundits got the idea that lying in politics is benign?  Is it from other political pundits?  Is it from the universities in which they were presumably educated?  Is it from political correctness in that anything goes so long as it is not offensive to designated groups?

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