Wednesday, January 12, 2011

U.S. Assists Referendum for Southern Sudan Independence

The U.S. government has actively supported a referendum in Southern Sudan to determine if qualified voters wish to separate from Sudan and establish their own country.  The referendum was part of a comprehensive peace accord in 2004-05 that ended several decades of civil war between the Arabic, Muslim north and the Christian, African south.  Although the final result won’t be available for a few more days, reporters and monitors predict an overwhelming “yes.”  Some difficult details require resolution, e.g., division of public debt, currency, oil revenue, and others.   Nonetheless. Southern Sudan will shortly raise its own flag.  Kudos to the U.S. government for assisting the establishment of a new, independent, democratic country.

Would somebody please explain why the U.S. strongly opposes similar self-determination for Iraqi Kurds?

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