Tuesday, February 8, 2011

David Cameron and Michael Savage Are Strange Bedfellows

On February 5, 2011, British Prime Minister David Cameron gave a speech at a Munich conference on terrorism which British media have labeled “Multiculturalism has Failed.”  Terrorist communities in the heart of Britain suggest necessary changes to incorporate Muslims into the mainstream of British life.  These include mastery of English and teaching of British history in secondary school.  Britain maintains separate entrance requirements apart from the continental Europe Schengen Agreement free movement of people.

Michael Savage, a conservative radio talk-show host, has repeatedly stressed three themes: borders, language, and culture.  These are synonymous with Cameron’s Munich manifesto.  The irony is that Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government  placed Savage on the “do not enter” list when he was invited to debate his point of view at Oxford University.  Savage was said to be a right-wing hate-monger.  Will Cameron’s government lift the ban?  We’ll see.

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