Thursday, February 24, 2011

Libya, Gaddafi, and Human Rights

Western leaders are rightly appalled at Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi’s vicious crackdown on peaceful protesters.  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has strongly condemned his actions, along with Britain’s David Cameron, France’s Nicholas Sarkozy, and others.

Funny.  That Gaddafi is killing his fellow Libyans countrymen.  After all, it was only eight years ago, in January 2003, that Libya’s ambassador to the United Nations was elected chairman of the UN Commission on Human Rights by a resounding vote of 33 in favor to 3 against, with 17 abstaining.

Apart from criticizing Libya’s chairmanship, the U.S. took no action against the UN.  It did not reduce its financial contribution.

Readers may wish to click on Google Images and search “Gaddafi meeting X, Y, Z.”  For X, Y, and Z insert the names of a U.S. president and several secretaries of state, a British prime minister, a French president, an Italian president, and other political luminaries.  From posing with Gaddafi to strongly condemning him a few years later is a remarkable turn of events.

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