Sunday, March 20, 2011

Foul-Tasting Medications Harm Health

The federal government encourages adults to undergo a colonoscopy by age 50 and every ten years thereafter.  For those with a family history of colon cancer, the first is recommended at age 40 and every five years thereafter.  Colon cancer is a leading cause of death.  Its incidence can be reduced with a periodic colonoscopy.

The colonoscopy, done in an outparient clinic in about 20 minutes, is a quick and readily tolerated procedure.  However, the bowel cleansing required the day before is miserable, requiring the patient to drink a dozen glasses of foul-tasting solution in quick succession.  The preparation probably deters many individuals from undergoing a colonoscopy, thereby raising the risk of colon cancer.

Why can’t the manufacturers of bowel cleanser improve its taste.  Fruit flavored additions barely help.  Would someone in the pharmaceutical industry please ask the manufacturer(s) to improve the taste.  How hard can it be to make bowel cleanser taste like chocolate milk, coca-cola, or some other enjoyable beverage?

If done, the manufacturers will sell more and receive a multitude of thanks from the government, the surgeons who perform the procedures, and, most important, the patients.

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