Monday, March 28, 2011

Government Programs Are Like Crabgrass

Spring has sprung, and with it baseball, flirty dresses, and lawn care.  To prevent the scourge of crabgrass, spurge, oxalis, and other nasty weeds from taking over your lawn, it is necessary to apply crabgrass preventer in early Spring.  Late application or failure to apply crabgrass preventer will result in noxious weeds chocking off your Kentucky bluegrass.  Once crabgrass takes over, you will have to wave the white flag of surrender and accept defeat or face the costly task of planting a new lawn.

Government programs are the same.  They start out slowly but then spread like wildfire.  Eternal vigilance is necessary to control them.  Cabinet offices and regulatory agencies proliferate, with unaccountable czars and regulators intruding, quoth the raven “evermore,” into our private affairs.

To propose serious cuts in any program, much less termination, brings howls of protests and charges of heartlessness.  This is the Republican spring.  They can try to stop the crabgrass in its tracks, or pull out weeds one-by-one.  Fear of the political consequences of a government shutdown has thus far taken Republicans down the second road.  Not an auspicious start.

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