Monday, April 4, 2011

Burning the Koran and Other Provocations

The First Amendment has limits.  Yelling fire in a crowded theater is not protected by the First Amendment.  Although burning the U.S. flag is protected free speech, perhaps burning the Koran, which causes loss of innocent lives in Muslim countries, should not be protected.  Maybe some public interest law entity can bring a case to the Supreme Court and urge the “fire” doctrine to incorporate burning the Koran.  And, for that matter, cartoons about Islam and any other expression that insults Islam.  If, after ten years in Afghanistan, the action of an obscure American cleric can incite murderous acts against innocent international aid workers, will any amount of military and civilian assistance  put Afghanistan on the path to a peaceful, stable democracy?  Just asking....

In keeping with Islam, any American president who orders U.S. forces to commence hostilities against an Arab Muslim country should first watch Khartoum and Lawrence of Arabia.

P.S.  This is funny budget week, with the Ryan deficit reduction plan, threat of a government shutdown, and other machinations.  Asking the Congress to reduce the deficit and curtail the long-term growth of entitlements is akin to lecturing rats on the benefits of proper hygiene to eliminate the plague.  (I’m not equating Members of Congress with rodents, only the impact of asking each nicely.)

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