Thursday, April 14, 2011


Conservatives and conservatism have been given a black eye.  Neocons erred by invading tribally and religiously divided Arab countries at a cost of over $1 trillion, five thousand dead, and thousands more maimed, with the intent of establishing democracies in places with little or no tradition of civil rights and civil society.  Compassionate conservatives erred in using government to implement programs that expanded public spending.  Together they turned surpluses into staggering deficits and brought liberal Democrats to power.

It’s time to replace neocon and compassionate conservatism with Realcon.  Realcon means constitutional government, limited spending, low taxes, balanced budgets, sound money, and resort to military measures only to defeat real threats to U.S. security.

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kim said...

A precise distillation of the medicine needed for our ailing national institutions.

Tom Stern,MD
Hoover Institution
Visiting Fellow, 2010-2012