Monday, May 16, 2011

Illegal Immigrants Do Work Americans Won’t Do

Proponents of “comprehensive immigration reform,” a combination of stronger border control measures and a path to citizenship for those already here who may have entered illegally, argue that those already here and even more immigrants will be needed in the future to do the jobs lawful resident Americans won’t do.

Jobs Americans won’t do with unemployment at 9%, combined unemployment and underemployment over 16%, and several percent of the population having dropped out of the labor force no longer looking for work taking the total close to 20%.  Huh?

What if every year hundreds of thousands in the resident population decide to stop doing the jobs they formerly did because they don’t want to do them anymore?   Should we say “fine,’” and call for more low-wage immigrants to do that work?  And, by the way, widen the income gap between the well-to-do and the poor?  Is there any limit to this behavior?


Scott Corner said...

Americans will do "this" work if there is serious immigration reform which would lead to a decline in the supply of labor and an increase in wages for "these" jobs. Americans, reasonably so, won't work for a depressed market wage.

I live in the Salinas Valley where a lot of "these" jobs are in agriculture, but many of "these" jobs are also in the trades.

If we want to see where this problem leads to, look at the employment and social problems in Egypt with its highly educated, and unemployed/underemployed, middle class.

stumacscs said...

"Immigration" was successful in the early 1900's. There was no 'minimum wage'. There was no 'underground' economy. We weren't creating a criminal of workers who started out in 'sweat shops' doing jobs Americans "wouldn't do". Americans had done them! They were called pioneers. Eliminate federal minimum wage legislation and see which States attract workers to the jobs 'others' won't do!