Monday, May 2, 2011

Observe Faculty Deeds, Not Words

Every morning the BBW (Brilliant Beautiful Wife) and I complete the same two-mile walk around the neighborhood (limited to Stanford faculty and high administrative staff).  The largest segment is twice around a condominium development of 180 units.  Each owner has a garage and an additional space in nearby parking areas.  Most use the garage for storage.

This morning I counted 115 vehicles, sedans, SUVs, CRVs, station wagons, light trucks, and sports cars parked in the spaces near the condos.  Eight were GM, Chrysler, and Ford, made by union labor in Detroit or another U.S. plant.  The remaining 107 vehicles were largely Japanese (Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan) and German (VW, Mercedes, BMW).  Many were likely made in non-union southern American plants.

Stanford resident voting results are concentrated in several precincts that are published after an election.  Typically 75-80% vote for Democrat candidates.  Democrats claim to be the party of union, working, middle-class households.  Detroit auto workers are among the leading union supporters and beneficiaries of Democrat politicians.

It seems that Stanford faculty and staff prefer non-union Japanese and German vehicles.

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