Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why President Obama is Likely to Win Reelection

President Bill Clinton, in my opinion, was the greatest talker in Western civilization since Pericles.  He ate Republican opponents for breakfast, and still had the rest of each day to pursue his agenda.

Great as were Clinton’s oratorical skills, Obama’s are even better.  His gift of gab is so electric and compelling that he can probably persuade enough voters to give him the 270 electoral votes he will need for a second term, even if the economy remains weak and gasoline prices remain high.

A variation on one of Lincoln’s quotes is applicable:  you only need to persuade a majority of the electorate to vote for you a second time.  That he should be able to accomplish.

Would it be so bad to have Republicans control the House and Senate and Obama the White House.  Gridlock worked pretty good during 1995-2000.

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