Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Who is the Fairest Credit Rating of them All?

Not the United States, which Standard & Poor's has downgraded from AAA to AA+ with a negative watch.

More than a dozen countries still enjoy an S & P AAA rating.  As of June 2011, these include Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Canada, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, and France.

Most interesting is China’s rapid rise through the ranks, from BBB in February 1992, to BBB+ in June 1997, A- in July 2001, A in July 2006, A+ in July 2008, to AA-, its current rating.

One more slip down for the U.S. and one more upgrade for China, and the two are even.  Whoduvthunkit?

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