Thursday, January 26, 2012

China Bashing

Those whom the Gods would destroy they first bash China.

So spoke President Obama in his January 24, 2012, State of the Union speech.
"I will not stand by when our competitors don't play by the rules. We've brought trade cases against China at nearly twice the rate as the last [Bush] administration -- and it's made a difference.  Over a thousand Americans are working today because we stopped a surge in Chinese tires. But we need to do more. It's not right when another country lets our movies, music, and software be pirated. It's not fair when foreign manufacturers have a leg up on ours only because they're heavily subsidized.

"Tonight, I'm announcing the creation of a Trade Enforcement Unit that will be charged with investigating unfair trading practices in countries like China."

Obama's remarks are hopefully nothing more than campaign rhetoric.  If he wins a second term and aggressively follows through, Airbus executives could soon be licking their chops while Boeing executives would end up licking their wounds.

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