Monday, September 24, 2012

Paul Krugman Hits a Grand Slam

In his post of September 24, 2012, “Sympathy For The Doofus,” Paul Krugman foresees Republicans in long-term decline.  White working class voters opposed to gay marriage will be offset in this election by affluent (white) women who will vote against the party of Todd Akin.

Krugman hits a grand slam in the penultimate paragraph:  “And underlying it all is the diminishing whiteness of the American electorate.”  To which I will add “male whiteness.”

Put simply, the increasing share of minorities in the U.S. population that constitutes the Democrat coalition presages a future politics of race, ethnicity, and feminism, which are in the Democrats' demographic favor.  Welcome to the world of “Plural Societies.”

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Rick Martinez said...

Didn't Krugman win a Nobel Prize for something? With all due respect, it certainly couldn't be for cogent writing or thinking on politics or social issues in America. And if anyone read or even scanned some of his reader comments not one mentioned his reference to the future "whiteness of the American electorate" or his far-flung idea of "defender of gay married terrorists."

Reading Krugman and his reader's comments reminded me that Liberals truly are liberal, for they truly don't stand for anything and thus they will fall for everything. Do they really know why they are democrats? Or are they confused between the distinction of "democracy" and being a democrat?

At the very least Republicans know America is a Republic, that state
government is closer to the people, the federal government must be limited to what citizens cannot do for themselves, that taxation must always be as low as possible (which is why America was born), that America's military must be mighty for deterrence and protection, that entrepreneurism and intra-preneurism has always been the engine of prosperity, and indivudal goodness and will has always been the hallmark of America and American's posterity.

We can choose, in America, to cross the line: To be givers or takers. No one in America is too rich to receive or too poor to give. This is what it means to be Republican.