Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Five More Easy Steps to Government Of, For, and By the People

1.  Any federal government official who does not obey a court order (save for an appeal) within 30 days shall be removed from office and banned for life from any other federal government employment.

2.  End costly presidential entourages (two jumbo jets, helicopters, limousines, security personnel) to annual international meetings that accomplish little more than photo-ops and lowest common denominator statements of cooperation. These include the G-7, G-8, G-20, G-35, Asia-Pacific Conference, NATO, United Nations General Assembly opening, and so forth.  Lower-level officials can attend meetings at vastly lower cost and work out the details for a joint statement.

3.  Congressional leaders (Speakers, Majority Leaders, Opposition Party Leaders, and Committee Chairs) shall be term limited.

4.  No Member of congress shall chair more than one special hearing a year to prevent the excessive politicization of important matters.

5.  Congressional hearings shall consist solely of questions directed to witnesses by members and their replies.  Members shall not make opening, politically-charged statements.  All testimony shall be submitted in advance and posted on the Committee’s website before hearings begin.  Any violation of these rules shall preclude the Member of Congress from chairing another hearing for the duration of the Session.

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