Monday, April 13, 2015

Many Years Ago, California Governor Jerry Brown Said......

Global warming poses a risk to the planet.

Global warming causes climate change, which causes extremes in heat and cold, and drought.

Governor Brown was years ahead of others in proclaiming the drought effects of global warming.


Why did he oppose new water infrastructure projects during his first reign as governor (1965-1973)?

Why did he wait until the worst recorded drought in modern California history to announce mandatory statewide water reductions on April 1, 2015, during his second reign as governor (2011-present)?,

No new water infrastructure.  No mandatory reductions until four years of drought.  Why didn't he act on his convictions sooner?

Two more years of drought and his legacy will be the reversion of California to desert as it was before the era of massive water infrastructure that began with the commissioning of the federal Central Valley Water Project in 1933.

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