Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More On National Review's "Against Trump"

Your friendly proprietor has watched about a dozen YouTube videocasts of Donald Trump rallies in Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, and other states.

So far, I have not seen even one person of the quarter million-plus attendees of these events give Trump a Sieg Heil (Hail Victory) Nazi-type salute, or a Mussolini-type salute.  Not one.  Not a single time.  I have not seen a single march of black or brown-clad pro-Trump storm troopers marching to these rallies, beating up residents, breaking shop windows or burning books.

Perhaps some of the 22 National Review contributors should step outside their narrow environs from time to time and take a look around. They might see that Trump supporters are intelligent and have common sense.  But if Trump becomes the next president, the members of the old political industry will need to find a new line of work.  This should be easy since there are 29 federally-funded job training programs they can attend.

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Nick Siekierski said...

Excellent and to the point Dr. Rabushka. I think that most of the vitriol aimed at Trump, especially from so-called conservatives, is less about his views than the threat he poses to the Political Action Committee/strategist/advisor/commentator trough. Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to their business.