Sunday, January 24, 2016

National Review Gone Wild Against Trump

“A spectre is haunting America—the spectre of Trump.”

The January 21, 2016, edition of National Review declared war against Donald Trump.  Editor Rich Lowry assembled a cast of 22 thinkers, who share a “vision of the self-anointed conservatives,” to inform America’s conservatives that Trump is not one of them.

Among the 22, one wrote that Donald Trump is “another glib egomaniac” that could succeed the current “glib egomaniac in the White House.”

It was only a matter of time until Godwin’s Law emerged in the blistering attacks against Trump.  The same intellectual warned that Trump supporters were akin to the “German crowds that were delirious at the sight of him [Hitler]…and “the ecstatic crowds that greeted Barack Obama when he burst upon the political scene in 2008.”

Trump’s followers are engaged in “emotional venting” similar to those who elected such “crowd pleasers” as “Peron, Hitler and Obama.”  “A shoot-from-the-hip, bombastic showoff is the last thing we need or can afford.”

So much for Democracy in America! As of this writing (January 24, 2016), Trump leads only in the polls.  But if Trump becomes the Republican nominee, the “venting crowds,” as this scholar call them, do not realize the potentially disastrous consequences of their support for Trump.

The “Gang of 22” might want to take a moment from their busy schedules to tour Trump Enterprises--hotels, resorts, international reality, entertainment and television, publications and merchandize—a multi-billion dollar business empire.  He has hired tens of thousands of individuals, providing them with opportunities to climb the ladder of success

As previously posted, Trump threatens the “political industry”—the pundits, handlers, ad makers, consultants and pollsters who make a comfortable living from private donors and taxpayers that fund elections.  As Frank Sinatra would sing, “He did it my [his] way.”

Trumps’ M.O. threatens to put the pundits out to pasture.  Trump is a political disruptor in the manner of Uber, Airbnb, and other sharing technologies that undermine established business practices

How many of the Gang of 22 supported George W. Bush, whose legacy is a Middle East disaster, a Great Recession, a string of Clinton surpluses transformed into deficits and, perhaps worse, the election of Barak Obama?  How many of the 22 endorsed John McCain and Mitt Romney?  How many supported the leading members of the Republican establishment before Trump arrived on the scene?  Just asking….

Is Chris Christie’s arm-in-arm walk with Barack Obama along Sandy Point a symbol of the wise, dedicated, and courageous president America needs at this time; Or Rubio, who joined ultra-liberal Senator Chuck Schumer to push amnesty for millions of immigrants who entered the country illegally; Or Kasich, who can’t wait to transfer Ohio’s generous Medicaid program to Washington; Or Huckabee, Santorum, Paul, Fiorina and Cruz?  All of these have their good and bad points, but are they likely to defeat the Democrat nominee and create a conservative, safe America that their Republican predecessors have failed to bring about?

Your friendly proprietor is willing to take a chance on Trump.  Trump is more likely to appoint successful individuals to his White House staff and cabinet positions than political retreads.  No one can predict the ebb and flow of political events.  But Trump has proven himself in the rough and tumble world of competitive business.  That is a better resume than most Republicans can produce.

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