Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Warned 30 Years Ago That NATO Would Weaken The West

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said that U.S. involvement with NATO needs to be rethought, both its mission and US funding of it (75%).  Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton immediately denounced his position in remarks at Stanford University on March 23, 2016.  She said that the U.S. should maintain its dominant position within Nato.

NATO is one of the best investments this country has ever made, she said, noting that William Perry astutely supported that organization while he served as the U.S. secretary of defense in the 1990s. NATO is dedicated to the defense of Western Europe.

Thirty Years Ago, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Melvyn Krauss wrote what turns out to be a very prescient book, How Nato Weakens The West.  His book deserves serious reading in light of the economic, social, and political problems plaguing the European Union, exemplified in recent Islamic terrorists attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Perhaps Trump is on to something.

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