Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why Think Tanks and University Professors Vehemently Oppose Trump

Policy wonks insist that Trump has no clear position on a raft of domestic and foreign policy issues because he has not consulted the policy analysts who write papers in think tanks and universities that have served both Republican and Democrat presidential candidates and administrations.

Think TankWatch has posted a poignant comment on this phenomenon that hits the nail on the head. The key sentence, in your friendly proprietor's opinion, reads as follows:

"A number of think tankers are very concerned about a Trump presidency because it appears that he would not rely as much on think tanks and think tankers compared to past presidents, the current president, and other possible future presidents such as Hillary Clinton."

If Trump can do it, why not future presidential candidates?  If Trump becomes the next president, think tankers may want to consider polishing up their resumes.

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