Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rules! Really?

It took the 17th Amendment to replace state legislators choosing Senators to direct popular election of Senators.

It took the Supreme Court to rule that “Separate but Equal” was not equal.

It took civil disobedience to integrate schools, public transportation, and eliminate other institutions of segregation.

Just think of how many times rules have been changed in American history to expand opportunity and participation in private and public life.

That something has always been done one way is no reason to keep doing it that way, especially when it infringes on, or curtails, the rights of different categories of Americans.  The Republican National Committee’s defense of voterless delegate selection in Colorado and Wyoming, because everyone knew the rules in advance, could just as well be used to defend any non-representative political, social, and economic arrangements.

Why not restore property and/or educational requirements to vote!  How about eliminating female suffrage!  How about counting “others” as three-fifths of a person!

No one would propose returning to rules that were neither just nor ethical, would they?  Maybe it’s time to bring primary and caucus rules into the twenty-first century to bring about “one man, one vote.”

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