Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Stop Trump Coalition Is Changing Tack

The Academic Political Media Industrial Complex (APMIC) failed to stop Donald Trump for nine months, from mid-June 2015 through early May 2016, from winning the Republican Party nomination for president.  The more APMIC denounced Trump in the primaries, the stronger his support became.

Having failed to stop Trump in the primaries, APMIC has embarked on a new strategy.  They are telling Trump what he must do if he wants to win the November election (which they don’t want to happen) and, if he wins, horror of horrors, how he must govern.

First, APMIC wants Trump to pick a traditional, moderate, vice-presidential candidate from the Republican establishment.  APMIC thinks that selecting such a candidate would turn off some enthusiasts who voted for Trump in the primaries.  If he picks an establishment candidate, it would signal that he wasn’t serious about ending the corrupt political system he railed against and that it was just a political ploy to win votes.

Second, APMIC wants Trump to moderate his positions on immigration, trade, NATO, and other controversial issues to fit the establishment’s long-held views.

Third, APMIC wants him become more gentlemanly in his demeanor.

I could go on and on, but the general plan is to force Trump out of his political comfort zone.  If Trump resists APMIC’s entreaties, it can blame him for Hillary’s election.

Try to keep uppermost in your mind that APMIC failed for nine months.  As it tries to derail his campaign, it will only strengthen his support in November—unless he capitulates to APMIC.

I’m from Missouri, the “show me state.”  We’ll see.

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Sandy Daze said...

DJT may be inarticulate, some suggest boorish and vulgar, and a slew of other pejoratives. Sure. But, the man is consistent in his views. His Larry King interview from 2 September 1987 is a good starting point. If you listen to the interview 19'21" you will hear the same basic themes he expresses in every stump speech.

Say what you want, but to me, the Larry King interview underscores a solid foundation of belief, even if time to time, somewhat recklessly presented.

Mr Trump waas not my first or second choice, but around January I took another look, listening to what he actually was saying, watching any number of youtube stump speeches. He knows what he believes and believes what he knows. I appreciate that sense.

I will eagerly vote for him in November.