Saturday, July 1, 2017

China's President Xi Jinping Reads The Riot Act To Hong Kong

Mid-morning, on July 1, 2017, twenty years to the day after China recovered sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom, China's President Xi Jinping issued his "4-NOTS" doctrine to an assembly of Hong Kong's elite.

1.  Hong Kong people shall NOT challenge the authority of the Central People's Government in Beijing or the absolute sovereignty of the Chinese nation, which includes Hong Kong.

2.  Hong Kong people shall NOT use the territory to carry out infiltration and sabotage against the mainland.

3.  Hong Kong people shall NOT push for more autonomy or independence from China.

4.  Hong Kong people shall NOT tear Hong Kong apart by deliberately creating differences, internal rifts, provoke confrontations, and engage in any reckless moves (in short, shall NOT push for more democracy than China is willing to tolerate).

Transgressing the 4-NOTS crosses Xi's "red lines"and is absolutely impermissible.  (President Xi does not suffer red-green color blindness.)

What if Hong Kong people flout Xi's warnings?  If that happens, Hong Kong will quickly lose its autonomy and likely be absorbed into Guangdong Province, or come under direct rule of the Central People's Government well before 2047.

In 1997, Hong Kong was important to China.  Its economy was equal to 18.4% of mainland China's GDP.  Twenty years later, due to sustained high growth in the mainland, it has fallen to 2.8%.  By 2030, it will be on the order of 1% or so.  Hong Kong will have lost its previous importance to Chna.

To repeat, If Hong Kong people behave themselves and obey Xi's 4-NOTS, they can enjoy a prosperous and satisfying life.  If not, they have been warned.

Xi Jinping is not a typical Western-style president, prime minster, or chancellor.  He means what he says and will act on his words.

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