Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Stanford Football, Third Try Is A Charm

With Oregon's victory over Washington, Stanford has a clear path to the Rose Bowl.  Run the table and it's in.  This means wins against Arizona State, surprising Washington State, and, perhaps most difficult, Washington in the next three weeks.

For the third time, I'm asking Coach Shaw to add several plays to the offensive scheme.

(1) Play-action pass on first down from the power run formation.

(2) West Coast offense with its short passing game.

(3) Screen pass to fullback.

These additions to the offense early in the game will loosen up the linebackers, which will improve the prospects for the running game (and keep Bryce Love from getting smashed up at the line of scrimmage).

So on behalf of the thousands of Stanford fans, please give it a try.

Your football friend.

PS.  I watched unranked Missouri's stunning upset of No. 2 ranked Alabama in its September 8, 1975, season-opening 20-7 loss.  Alabama was committed to the running game.  Missouri stacked 9 defenders along the line of scrimmage and completely throttled Alabama's rushing attack.  Alabama persisted running the ball without success until late in the game, when the outcome was largely decided.

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