Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Cambridge University’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor Explained Why Black students Are Failing To Apply For Admission

In June 2018, Britain’s education minister attacked Oxford and Cambridge universities (Oxbridge) for their “staggering” failure to attract more Black students.  He warned that Oxbridge faces being fined unless they enroll a more diverse (more Blacks) student body.

Third on the list was the shortage of hairdressers skilled in cutting Afro hair.  (Where are the females in the photo at the top of the story?)  Two other priorities were the availability of Afro-Caribbean food and Black-style night life.

Naomi Kellman, founder of Target Oxbridge, a program to assist Blacks with Oxford and Cambridge applications, said that questions about Afro-hairdressers came up often.

Other speakers at the event cited cultural differences, that Blacks are concerned they won’t fit into White elite universities..

Perhaps I’m mistaken or confused, but I thought that students attend universities to learn something, not for the night life.  Partying till the wee hours of the morning does not make for alert students in morning classes.  There’s plenty of time for night life with a degree and a good-paying job in hand.

It would seem that one way to increase Black applications to colleges and universities in the US and UK is to insure that Afro-hairdressers, traditional Black food, and Black night life are available.  Cambridge University, one of the top five in the world in some international rankings and top ten in all, cannot be wrong.

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