Thursday, September 3, 2009

Student Abuse

College football kicks off tonight (September 3, 2009). This year promises to be another exciting season.

In the course of a game, television cameras frequently zoom in on the head coach, especially when he berates an official for what he regards as a bad call, or one of his players for making a mistake on the field. It is easy to lip read the torrent of abuse that coaches heap on players, riddled with colorful (four-letter) words and phrases. Some in higher education regard this behavior as part of normal teaching in football.

If a classroom teacher behaved similarly, publicly berating a student for making a mistake in class, homework, or an exam, that instructor would be subject to severe discipline. Repeated behavior would likely result in suspension or dismissal.

Why is this double standard permitted on college campuses? After all, aren’t college football players student-athletes, not professionals?

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