Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday’s Thoughts

In years to come, immigration reform will doubtless extend government subsidized health care to illegal immigrants, either by granting them amnesty, or because the courts will rule that excluding them is discriminatory. Since every human life is valuable, why not include in health care/insurance reform all Mexicans living within ten miles of the U.S. border?

China has managed the financial crisis of 2008-09 better than the U.S. and all other Western industrial democracies. Let’s invite some of the leading Chinese economists and financial officials to lecture our economists and officials on what they did and why they succeeded.

It is often said of U.S. public debt that we owe it to ourselves, hence it’s no big deal. Not so. Almost half is held by foreign institutions and individuals. Foreigners do not pay tax on their interest earnings on these assets.

The U.S. needs an educated population to compete with other countries in the global economy. What has been happening in inner-city Chicago in mid-September 2009, gang murders of students, bodes ill for the future. The same can be said of Detroit, Oakland, Philadelphia, and numerous other inner city residents across the country.