Friday, October 15, 2010

TI Liveblogging From the White House, November 3, 2010

A day before his long postponed visit to Indonesia, President Obama made a brief statement in the White House Rose Garden.

“Selamat pagi. Big Republican gains in Congressional and state elections  are not a repudiation of my policies. Rather, they reflect the weak economy and high unemployment. But poor economic conditions are not the fault of my administration.”

“I acknowledge one mistake. We underestimated the severity of the recession we inherited from the Bush administration. As a result, my team overestimated the speed of the recovery from the stimulus and other incentive measures.”

“I pledge to the American people that I will continue working to achieve comprehensive energy and immigration reform among other important issues. I invite Republicans to work with me in a bipartisan spirit. But let me be clear. I will push ahead in any case.”

Republican leaders rushed to their microphones to state support for policies based on common ground. However, Republicans heard the voters loud and clear, meaning that Obama would have to respond to the peoples’ concerns. He would be wise, they stated, not to push unpopular policies through a lame duck Congress if he wanted Republican support during the next two years.

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