Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mao Zedong and Rick Santelli

After several decades of writing and fighting, Mao Zedong led his Chinese Communist party and army to take over China in 1949.  Among his important early papers, published in 1930, is “A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire.”

Similarly, Rick Santelli may have earned his place in history with his famous rant on CNBC.  The Tea Party has honored him accordingly.

"Tea Party Patriots wishes to extend a special thank you to Rick Santelli for his rant on February 19, 2009, which started this entire movement. Without Rick’s rant, this movement would never have started. Many others will try to take credit but don’t be fooled. He was the spark that began this fire."

Mao and Santelli, an unlikely duo.  One for socialism, the other for liberty.

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Unknown said...

Though Mr. Santelli's rant is often seen as the beginning of Tea Party movement, I believe the true originator of the Tea Party is Mr. Ron Paul, not Mr. Santelli.