Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh Canada!!!

On May 2, 2011, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s party won an absolute majority, 164 out of 308 seats, in Canada’s House of Commons after governing as a minority during the past five years.  This is a remarkable turnaround from the 1993 election when the Progressive Conservative Party won only 2 (yes, 2) seats, a staggering defeat from 169 seats in 1988.  The Progressive Conservative Party was more progressive than conservative (a.k.a. “compassionate conservatism”).  Harper’s return to real conservatism has transformed Canada’s political and economic landscape.

Harper comes from Alberta, the province in Canada with a low, flat, provincial income tax.  The Conservatives are strong in the Western provinces and Ontario.  Harper plans to reduce the current 16.5% corporate tax rate to 15%.

Perhaps Harper could loan the Republican Party some of his advisers to help with tax reform and other real "conservative" policies.

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