Monday, June 27, 2011

We the People

“We the people” are among the three most profound words written in any language.  Only now, thanks to the Internet, are they becoming reality.

Formerly a select group of elected, appointed, or self-anointed leaders governed human affairs.  The Internet, in its numerous and ever-growing modes, has now empowered hundreds of millions of people to have their say, even to the point of overthrowing corrupt, dictatorial regimes.

The Internet makes available audio, video, photos, skype, twitter, facebook, linked-in, blogs, iphone applications, email, ebooks, e-education, scribd, and  others to be developed.

        (Graphic:  Rosa Golijan, Technolog on MSNBC)

Government of, for, and by the politicians, lobbyists, bureaucrats, advisers, etc., will give way to government of, for, and by the people--despite the efforts of the ruling classes to hang on to their power and influence

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