Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Would China Please Crash Already!

For the past several years, every day brings new warnings of the coming China crash.  The pessimists include business and finance analysts, journalists, expat professors and visiting economic experts, world economic institutions, and Western China specialists.  The pessimists steadily grow in numbers.  Only a handful dare deny the coming crash, exposing themselves to exclusion and ridicule.

The pessimists’ reasons for the coming crash include property bubble, inflation, overvalued currency, dependence on exports, widening rich-poor gap, urban-rural gap, rote learning in schools, counterfeiting, ill-defined rule of law and property rights, faulty social policies, one-party dictatorship, religious repression, and others.

China’s refusal to crash is harming the self-esteem of the China pessimists.  This must stop! 

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