Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What "Ask" Means in Canada-Speak

Canada's Liberal Party won an outright majority in Parliamentary elections held Monday, October, 19, 2015.

Among its promises was giving middle-class Canadians (those with annual taxable income between C$44,700 and C$89,401) a tax break by making taxes more fair.  The Liberal Party promised to cut the federal tax rate from 22 percent to 20.5 percent, a saving of C$670 per person per year (about C$3 billion total).

How is the new government going to "pay" for this tax cut?

It will "ASK" the wealthiest of Canadians to "GIVE" a little more.

That's nice. The Liberal Party will [politely] ASK those earning over C$200,000 to give little more.

But to insure that the wealthiest one percent give what is asked of them, the Liberal Party will impose a new 33 percent tax bracket, four percentage points higher than the current 29 percent top marginal federal rate.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Forget Denmark. America Should Be More Like Sweden

What Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton won't tell you about Sweden:

No capital gains taxes.
No inheritance tax.
Better K-12 English language instruction than in Arne Duncan's America.
Much less crime than in Chicago.
More homogeneous population (less diversity).
Less obesity.
Lower level of political corruption.
Honest journalists who report rather than editorialize the news.


Prettier women
Handsomer men (for the ladies).

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Trump Disrupts the Political Establishment’s Praetorian Guard

The political election industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise.  Its ranks include the following:

Ad Producers
Focus Groups
Media Pundits

The industry is used to dominating presidential elections.  It is the go to crowd that determines who deserves to be a candidate, win each party’s nomination, and ultimately secure the presidency.  The industry regards itself as uniquely qualified to determine who is qualified to participate in the political process.

Now you understand why Trump has come under a withering barrage of criticism.   How dare he intrude in the “club?”  How dare he campaign for the presidency without the blessing of the “club?” How dare he use his own money without super-PACs?  How dare he expose his critics? How dare he use social media to bypass the political industry?  How dare he draw large, enthusiastic crowds?  How dare he speak the language of the American people instead of the prepped, canned language of the political class?

You see, it’s not so much that he is running as a Republican that frightens the political establishment.  It fears that if he wins, others could seek office in the same way.  A Trump victory threatens to put the political industry out of business as it is now.

How did Claudius become emperor of Rome?  After the assassination of Caligula, the Praetorian Guard anointed Claudius emperor.  “Why,” asked Claudius?  “Because,” said the head of the Guard,” without an emperor, there is no need for the Praetorian Guard.

Without traditional candidates like Clinton, Bush, Kasich, Huckabee, Christie, Santorum, Pataki, and others, there is no need for the Political Establishment's Praetorian Guard.  Trump threatens to undermine the political establishment order of things.