Friday, April 1, 2016

It's Time To say "Thank You For Your PRIVATE Service To America"

We often hear the words "Thank you for your service to America" in reference to elected and appointed government officials, civil servants, and members of the armed forces,  all of whom are on the public payroll.  Receiving a check from the government is deemed of superior virtue to receiving a paycheck from a private enterprise or self-employment.

Have you also noticed that private firms are open for business when government officials enjoy a paid "government" designated weekday holiday?

Have you noticed that many government officials enjoy security of employment while those in private service can lose their job or business in an instant?

Have you noticed that those who engage in private service are routinely demonized for being selfish, uncaring, and not paying enough in taxes to support government programs?

Something is seriously wrong with this story.  Where does the money come from to pay for public service?  From taxes paid by those who engage in private service, that's who.

Instead of always praising "public servants," it's time to say a hearty thanks to those in "private service." Maybe the people should demand one day a year in which all those employed by the government say THANK YOU to the people who pay their salaries.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Alvin! I've had my small architecture firm for 25 years. I have friends in government that are solid capable people that I appreciate in their government jobs, but they don't understand that they have salaries, benefits, and security that few in the private sector can imagine. During the last recession my income dropped by more than 1/2 while friends in government complained about having to take one unpaid furlough day and only getting a cost of living adjustment. I typically work 2400 or more hours a year while a good friend with the federal government enjoys 13 paid holidays, 26 paid vacation days, relatively short work weeks, paid health insurance (high deductible insurance costs my fortunately healthy family of 5 $25,000 per year) sick leave that accumulates without an apparent limit, and a guaranteed retirement benefit that he will be able to take advantage of soon at a relatively young age. The Federal Gov spends $12,000 per capita ($60,000 allocated to my family). Add to that local and State government. Sadly, I see no end in sight. I have encouraged my children to consider the benefits of a secure and lifestyle friendly government job. The nibbling away at my time and income to meet the requirements of local, state, and federal governments coupled with the insecurity wears on a person. I believe in government, but I'd like to pay for less of it.