Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Update: The Democrat Presidential Nominee in 2020 Will Be....

Mark Cuban or possibly Tom Steyer.  Tom Steyer, hedge fund billionaire, Stanford trustee, and fanatical environmentalist hints he may seek the Democrat nomination in 2020 to save the planet.

Other Democrat billionaires are likely to throw their hats into the presidential political ring in the next two years.  The new political order will be the struggle among the top 0.0001%.

The traditional election industry is withering on the vine.  Say goodbye to soon-to-be obsolete political handlers, pollsters, fund-raisers, pundits, and other relics of electing presidents.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Stanford University Faculty, Staff, and Students Living in Campus Housing Vote 91.6% For Clinton, 3.4% for Trump

From its founding in 1891, portions of Stanford’s land have been used to construct housing for faculty, staff and students.  Over 125 years, Stanford faculty and the University have built about 650 single-family homes, 250 condominiums, and 40 duplexes.  (More construction is currently underway.)

Stanford currently has 2,153 faculty members and several dozen top administrators who are eligible to purchase a campus residence.  Only about a thousand, 40%, live in the “faculty ghetto.”  The other 60% live in neighboring towns and suburbs.

Four precincts (Santa Clara County Precincts 2542, 2544, 2545, and 2546) circumscribe Stanford University.  Precincts 2542 and 2544 consist almost exclusively of graduate and undergraduate student housing.  Precinct 2545 consists solely of faculty/staff housing (F/S housing).  Precinct 2546 includes both student and F/S housing.  F/S housing is affectionately termed the “faculty ghetto.” 

Many undergraduate students are registered to vote in other states or other addresses in California. Most graduate students are not U.S. citizens and many U.S, citizens are registered to vote in other states. These facts explain why only a small fraction of students living in campus housing are registered to vote on the basis of their Stanford address.

Santa Clara County publishes election results by precinct.  Here are the results:

Precinct 2545 (all F/S):  Total 473 Votes

Clinton 426 (90%), Trump 27 (5.7%), Johnson 13 (2.7%), Stein 7 (1.5%)

Precinct 2546 (F/S and students):  Total 649 Votes

Clinton 609 (93.5%), Trump 17 (2.6%), Johnson 12 (1.8%), Stein 11 (1.7%)

Precinct 2544 (all students):  Total 720 Votes

Clinton 645 (90.0%), Trump 18 (2.5%), Johnson 31 (4.3%), Stein 26 (3.6%)

Precinct 2542 (all students):  Total 426 Votes

Clinton 398 (93.4%), Trump 14 (3.3%), Johnson 11 (2.6%), Stein 3 (0.7%)

All Campus Precincts:  Total 2268 Votes

Clinton 2078 (91.6%), Trump 76 (3.4%), Johnson 67 (3.0%), Stein 47 (2.1%)

Clinton voters outnumbered Trump voters 27 to 1. 

Stanford’s new provost, Persis Drell, said that free expression is one of her three cardinal principles of university administration.  We’ll see.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Democrat Nominee For President In 2020 Will Be......

Mark Cuban, or some other wealthy individual from the business community.

Even the Democrats will realize that the established political order has been overturned.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Update: Political Contributions from Stanford Faculty, Staff, and Students, October 1-19, 2016

During September 1-19, 2016, Stanford Faculty, Staff, and Students residing in campus housing (94305) made 109 separate contributions to Hillary Clinton. Some individuals made multiple contributions.

None was made to Donald Trump.

For the five and one-half months May-October 19, 2016, contributions totaled 489 for Hillary Clinton and 0 for Donald Trump.