Tuesday, August 7, 2018

It’s Time For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to Revisit the London School Of Economics And Also Host A Conference Of Leading American And British Economists At Windsor Castle

Shortly after the Financial Crisis of 2008, H.M. Queen Elizabeth II went to the London School of Economics and asked its professors “Why didn’t you see this coming?”  They never really gave her a satisfactory answer.

It’s time for Her Majesty to revisit the LSE and also host a conference of leading American and British economists to ask several additional questions.

“You keep warning of the economic dangers of Trump’s tariffs.  So why is the U.S. economy booming and the U.S. and European stock markets at or near all-time highs?”

“Why is money pouring back into the United States if Trump’s tariffs will wreck the U.S. economy?”

“Why are new manufacturing jobs being created in the U.S. after President Obama said the era of new manufacturing jobs is over and they will never come back to the U.S.”

“Why are interest rates so low in the face of large budget deficits and a growing public debt?”

“Why can’t you people ever admit that you were wrong, that your theories aren’t working, and that you can’t analyze data and predict future economic activity with any reasonable degree of accuracy?”

“Why are you obsessed with inequality and redistribution of income when countries that carried out those policies met with economic ruin and impoverished their people?”

“Why do you insist on tenure and lifetime employment for yourselves when the globalization and large-scale immigration you support disrupt the lives and jobs of so many of your countrymen?”

These are enough questions for a daylong conference.  Please prepare your replies in writing, which, along with the conference proceedings, will be published for the record.

PS.  Just imagine how embarrassing her questions would be if she asked the foreign policy experts of American and British universities and think tanks how they so badly messed up the Middle East?