Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Incredible Shrinking Senator Grassley

Senator Grassley appears to be taking his cue from President Obama’s Syrian “Red Line” in moving the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court through the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Obama laid down a marker for President Bashar al-Assad if he used gas against fellow Syrians, which Obama subsequently disregarded.  How did that turn out?

Senator Grassley has laid down multiple deadlines, his successive red lines, with no real deadline confirmed.  No one takes his deadlines seriously.  He is letting a handful of Republican Senators (Flake? Collins? Anyone else?) make a mockery of the Supreme Court confirmation process and his role as chairman of the Judiciary Committee.  It's long past time to call their bluff.  Every day the opponents of Kavanaugh grow stronger while his supporters grow weaker.

Grassley is digging himself deeper in a hole with each extension.  It’s time for a ladder, not another shovel.

If Republicans lose the Senate on November 8, Grassley will bear some of the blame, having turned off Republican voters who are losing their enthusiasm for Republican politicians who fail to act.

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Fran Harwell said...

I agree with this opinion. I have left a voicemail on Senator Grassley's voicemail to put an end to the circus and get on with a vote, NOW, and have urged my sensible, conservative friends to do the same. If the Democrats chicanery derails Brett Kavanaugh's nomination, Republicans will pay at the ballot box in the fall. No mistake about that. Draw the line already.