Tuesday, October 2, 2018

U.S. Foreign Policy Faces Grave Danger, Part 3

As all sectors of American society are moving to embrace Diversity and Inclusion in their missions and operations, the rest of the world is moving in the opposite direction, in the growth of state sovereignty, of “nation-states” with a common language, history, culture, and borders.

In 1946, there were 81 sovereign states.  Decolonization during 1948-1969 increased the number to 106 in 1959 and 145 in 1969.  Continued decolonization, the breakup of Yugoslavia, the separation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union into its constituent republics and occupied territories further increased the number of sovereign states to 178 in 1979, 184 in 1989, topping out at 196 in 2017.  The number of sovereign states has nearly doubled since 1959.

The current number of sovereign states is likely to keep increasing.  The next post, Part 4, examines separatist movements around the globe seeking independence.  An additional number of movements is seeking greater autonomy, which have the potential to escalate into independence movements.  It’s possible that tensions among member states of the European Union may result in more separatist movements.

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