Thursday, March 26, 2020

2020: What's In and What's Out

What’s In                              What’s Out

Sinophobe                            Sinophile
Trust but verify                    Trusting China
Cold War 2.0                        Chimerica
Sovereignty                          Internationalism
America First                       Spreading democracy
Withdraw troops                  Invade foreign countries
Strategic stockpiles              Low-cost outsourcing
Borders                                Xenophobia
Remote learning                  Classrooms
Tele-learning                       Less political indoctrination
Social distance                    Social justice
Home schooling                   Public schools
Virtual conferencing            Conference rooms
Work from home                  Office buildings
Less travel                           Global warming
Less driving                         Air pollution
Staycations                          Foreign adventures
Self-reliance                        Social mixing
Victory gardens                    Discrete shopping trips
Self care                              Routine trips to doctor
Homemaking                        Nannies, cleaners
Homemaker                         Trophy wife
Stay home                            Street murders
Logic                                    Psychobabble
Facts                                    Ideology
Mental toughness                  Victimhood
Caring                                  Selfishness
Truth                                   Lying
Whatever it takes                 Fiscal prudence
Stagflation                           Three Percent Growth
Epidemiology                        Economic modeling
Robinson Crusoe                   Hillary’s “Takes a Village”
National unity                      Racism, sexism, homophobia
Self-improvement                Blaming others
Private enterprise                Calcified bureaucracies
Puzzles, board games           Bars, clubs
Factual reporting                 Schools of Journalism
Sweats                                 Business dress
Monogamy                            Hookups