Saturday, November 7, 2020

Even Liberal Silicon Valley Rejects Stanford’s Politics

Several readers have asked how Stanford voters compare with California voters overall on two key ballot measures.  To this I’ve added Santa Clara County, home of Silicon Valley.

One is Proposition 16, an effort to overturn Proposition 209 that banned affirmative action and giving preference on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, and other defining characteristics.  Here are the results.

Stanford.  71.3% Yes

Santa Clara County.  51.8% No

California.  56.5%. No

Both Silicon Valley and California voted for merit.  Stanford voted for positive discrimination.

Another ballot measure is Proposition 22, which treats app-based drivers as independent contractors, not employees.  If voted down, many drivers would lose the ability to work part time to earn extra money.  Here are the results.

Stanford. 70.5%. No

Santa Clara County.  52.1%. Yes

California. 58.6%. Yes

From their secure tenured jobs, Stanford voters want to impose onerous conditions on the freedom of Californians to work part time to earn extra money.  This is shameful. It’s reason alone to abolish academic tenure.

Stanford is not just out of touch with America and California, it is even out of touch with Silicon Valley.

Will real, true political diversity ever appear at Stanford?  The honest answer is no.  The best that can be hoped for is that Stanford’s Presidents will continue to support academic freedom.


David R. Henderson said...
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Tom Grey said...

I certainly had fantasies of a big Trump win, with Republicans taking the House, and defining "diversity" for legal purposes as including political parties. So anywhere Blacks are given hiring advantages due to underrepresentation, Republicans would be eligible for even more advantages.

Of course, it's much easier to lie about politics than about race - and there are known to be some who have successfully gotten advantages thru AA lying. Even senators from Harvard.

Most conservatives & Libertarians don't like, or even hate, the idea of Affirmative Advantage to change diversity. But few say it totally fails.

Robin Adam said...

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